Let's play hide and seek

I didn't sit in bed all day and watch Beverly Hills 90210 yesterday but I am feeling a little better today.  So, instead of watching Beverly Hills 90210 I did watch some HGTV.  I was watching the show The High/Low Project and they did an awesome project that I totally want to try.  They were redoing a living room and they came up with the most creative way to hide a tv.  They took two way mirror glass and built a frame around it and put it in front of the television.  So, when the tv was on it would show through the glass but when it was off it looked like a mirror.  I went on the HGTV website but I couldn't find the project but this is what it looks like

To do this project yourself go to http://www.ehow.com/how_6914830_make-tv-mirror.html.

Some other options to hide your tv:

For this one you use a bypass closet door kit and some plywood.  I am not a big fan of the leaf designs on the plywood.  My sister suggested instead of painting the leaves I could put a picture there, something like this:

Instead of two kissing we would have the twins on one side and addy on the other so when it is closed it is a picture of all of them and when they are opened it is two pictures.

And yet some more ideas: