Pointing fingers

To kick off my new me transformation I tried to think of something small that I would like to start off with.  So I went on my favorite site, Pinterest, to get some inspiration and I found it!  I bet you are dying to know what it is so I will not make you wait any longer... The first thing I want to change is my fingernails.  No, I don't want to grow them out to be in the Gusinness World Record books.  I paint my fingernails maybe once a month- so they look nice for maybe a week and then the nailpolish slowly chips away and when only there is a little left I finally decide to repaint them.  Well not no more.  For now on I will be painting my nails every 2 weeks or sooner if the nail polish comes off.  Some people might say they don't notice peoples nails but I think your nails are kind of like accesories- they can complete your look.  I found some great nail art on Pinterest.


I haven't decided which one I want to do first but these are my top 3- I will post pictures once I do it.


Change is in the air

Here in Michigan the leaves are starting to change colors which means fall is here.   Fall means the warm summer weather is gone and the cold weather is coming.  So, the shorts and tank tops are packed away and the pants and sweaters come out.  Since fall is the beginning of changes I figured it would be the best time to start my transformation.  The past three years I have really let myself go because working full time and raising three kids doesn't leave me alot of "ME" time.  I have always made sure everyone around me has what they need and want and never worried about myself.  I came to the realization that for me to be a good mom and wife I need to make sure I am happy too.  I love my life and wouldn't trade it but there are some things I would like to change.  The twins are now 3 and my daughter is 6 so life has gotten a little easier and I have more time to take for myself.   So, I have decided it is time to start taking better care of myself and portraying the woman I am.  I am going to start with simple changes and gradually move on to bigger changes.  I am very excited for this new journey in my life and I can't wait to share it with you. 



Turn that frown upside down

The other day I went to the grocery store with my twin three year old boys.  I was only picking up a few things so I wasn't in there very long.  Even though I was only in there maybe 20 minutes I saw sooo many miserable people.  It was so sad to me to see how unhappy people looked and how rude they were.  Now let me say I am not Miss Peppy who smiles all the time or someone who is humming and skipping through life because I am just so happy.  Well, after seeing all these unhappy people I have decided instead of handing out business cards I am going to hand out Smile Cards.  On each card I am going to put an uplifting quote that hopefully will put a smile on their face or make them realize their life isn't so bad.  Here are a couple quotes I have found for them


These are only a few of the ones that I am going to be putting on my cards.  I know some people probably will give me a weird look or some might even get offended.  If I can make one person smile then I have accomplished my goal.  I think I might give myself one daily to change my attitude too.  


My name is Mandy and.....

I am addicted to Pinterest.  If you don't know what I am talking about then you are missing out on the best thing on the intenet.  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can post everything you love on the internet.  This site is seriously addicting and I could spend an entire day on it.  It is hard to pick my favorite things but here are some of my pins.


If you like these pins and want to see more of mine follow me on Pinterest or if you have some great pins you want me to see I'll gladly follow you.  Well, I need to get back to pinning.  Have a great night!


So it begins!

Well I have decided to join the blogger world!  I have created this blog to share all the great things I find on the wonderful internet.  The title of my blog pretty much describes what I will be posting- pretty much everything.   I am not afraid to admit that I have a major addition to the internet.  I love finding awesome home interiors, yummy recipes, great style, and diy projects.  I am a rookie at this blog thing so please be patient with me as I get acquainted with it.  And so now it begins- hope you enjoy!!