Makeunder My Life

As you have read in my earlier post, I am starting a journey to create a new me.  While searching the internet the other day for some ideas I found a website that was perfect for me.  The website is called Makeunder My Life   and it is like the holy grail for anyone looking to make changes in their life.  Jess Constable is the woman behind the website and she not only helps people design their lives but she also designs jewelry and handbags.  Her main purpose for the website is to help people design their life with intention.  The one part of her website that I really enjoyed was the Midnight Hustling section.  This area of the website is all about people who are working to go from their day job to their dream job.  The Hall of Fame section gives people a place to write about how they are working a day job while also pursuing their dream job.  I have always dreamed about having my own business and it was so great to actaully read about people who have done it or what other peoples dreams are.  So, if you are in a slump in your life and want some inspiration or direction I highly recommend going to this website because it is a great source of information.