DIY part 2

It is so hard for me to choose only 3 of my top DIY websites because there are so many wonderful and creative people out there.  But if I posted all my favorite DIY sites it would take me weeks.  So, with out further ado here are my final 2 top DIY sites

Have you ever seen a designer item that you absolutely love but you couldn't imagine paying so much money for a purse?  Well, this site is a must go to for you.  Check out some of the awesome things she has done:                                                

Everywhere you look online you see everyone wearing multiple braclets,  This is a simple and expensive bracelet you can make and she has other bracelets on her site you can make and wear them all together and look stylish without breaking the bank.

If you had to guess what this necklace is made out of what what you guess.  It looks like it is made of metal but it is actually made out of plastic straws and shoestring!  This is seriously awesome and no one would know looking at this that it was made of straws.

My final favorite site is a great site for anyone who like DIY projects that have to do with your house. 

This site is a place for people to submit their before and afters of different home projects they have done.   From this site I have found TONS of blogs of the most creative woman.  If you want to see some amazing transformations you need to visit this site. Here are only a few of the great projects:


To give the boring lamp some glam they took 14 plastic coke bottles, some duct tape, and spray paint- yes you read right- plastic bottles!

This hutch went from something you would find in your grandmas house to something you would want in your own.  All it took was a few coats of paint and some minor changes and voila a brand new hutch.