Laces Not Included

With my hectic life I am all about convenience.  I am constantly running out the door to get to practices, games, the grocery store or wherever else I need to be in 5 mins.  I always try to plan ahead to make sure we aren't scrambling around before we leave but no matter how hard I try, it always happens. Half the time I throw on the first pair of shoes I see by the door as I am leaving.  So, I was on a mission to find some stylish yet convenient shoes for me that I can just slide on and go.  

1.Betsey Johnson Women's Amira-R Fashion Sneaker/ 2. Keds Chillax' Ripstop Slip-On Sneaker

3 Reba-143D Triangle Cut-out Sneaker / 4. H&M Slip-Ons / 5. Calliston Slip-On Sneaker  

6. Sperry Zuma Fish Circle / 7. Ryian-01 Blush Velvet Slip-Ons / 8. Vans Classic Slip-On Sneaker

Which ones are your favorite?  Send me