Stop Wishing. Start Doing!

It has been 2 years since my last post- I know this has caused a void in your life.  PSYCHE!  I doubt you even knew I was gone.  Anyways, I am back and no big life events have happened in these past two years so I really don't have a good reason for my time away or any good stories to share.

So, I am back and on a mission.  I know I am probably the millionth person who has said this but- 2015 is my year.  I know, I know how original but deal with it.  I don't know what it is but it feels like I have hit a point in my life where I need change.  It feels like I have been sitting in the passenger seat for years and now I want to get in the drivers seat and start controlling where I am going.  Instead of wishing for the life I want, I am going to start doing.  There are lots of things I want to do and accomplish and I am ready to start the journey.  So, this post is the start to my journey- strap yourself in because this is going to be a wild ride- I promise.

Be Sweet Parakeet