How do you like your coffee?

The other day I was organizing my boards on Pinterest and I started looking through the pins on my living room board.  As I was looking through them I noticed that the "coffee table" has evolved.  It is no longer just a place to set your coffee or to put your magazines and sometimes it isn't even a table.  So, now the question is, do i want a "coffee table" or do I want to do something different?  What are your thoughts?


I'm getting hungry

I read online somewhere that the entryway to your house is like the appetizer to your house.  I think this is an interesting way to refer to your entryway and makes a lot of sense.  When you order appetizers and they are not good then you are expecting your dinner to be just as bad.  The same is true for when you walk into a home, if you walk into a house and the entryway is amazing, well you have high expectations for the other parts of the house and can not wait to see what awaits you.  I found some great images of what I would like my entryway to look like:


No animals were harmed writing this post

Would you decorate your house with mounted animal heads?  I have never had the desire to have some dead animal with two beady eyes hanging on my wall- everyone had different taste so if you have one please don't be offended.  Well, I have actually found some mounted animal heads that I actually would use to decorate my house:

Living Room Becomes A Work Space  living room


Not just for curtains

Last night I was watching a show on tv- I do not want to give the title of the show because I am ashamed to admit that I like this show.  Anyways, on the show I saw the most awesome purse and so I immediately got on the trusty internet to find it and guess what... I can not find it anywhere.  Here is a picture of the purse:
If anyone knows what brand this purse is please let me know.

During my hunt for this purse I found some other items I liked that had tassels on them. 

Zara leather sandals
$129 -

Tan satchel
$90 -

$29 -

ASOS drop earrings
$27 -

Forever21 beaded necklace
$6.80 -

House of Harlow 1960 black shades
$169 -

CONFETTISYSTEM — Tassel Garland-Multi color
$130 -


Comfy and Stylish

Today it was pretty cold and windy outside so we stayed inside the house most of the day.  The kids played while I cleaned the house and did laundry- I know you are jealous by how exciting my life is.  Well, since I was cleaning I put on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt and threw my hair up in a bun and that is what I wore all day.  I was very comfy which is what I wanted but as I am typing this and looking at myself I just shake my head. I hate to admit this but I had to run to the store to get stuff for dinner and I didn't even change, I wore exactly what I wore all day cleaning.  If I would had went to walmart I probably would have been on the website "People of Walmart".   As I said in my earlier post, I want to start making changes to myself to portray an improved me.  On the weekends I want to be comfortable but I have come to realize that I can be comfortable and stylish at the same time.  So, I wanted to find some other options besides my sweatpants and sweatshirts, and here is what I came up with.Comfy and Stylish

Victoria s Secret victoria secret sweater
$64 -

Sequin top
$60 -

CJ by Cookie Johnson flared jeans
$100 -

$42 -

Old navy
$16 -

Asics shoes
$60 -

TOMS silver flat
$54 -


Twinkle Twinkle Thursday

Star light, Star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have these things I wish for tonight:
Combined Patent Leather Shopper $49.90

Juicy Couture Embellished Tweed Cardigan $278

Dell Inspiron Duo $499.99
I'm So Flippin' Hot Mirror Spatula $24

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch $250



I offically hit 100 pageviews of my blog- I know this might not seem nothing to most of you but I thought it was pretty awesome.  Even though I am happy with this I am kind of disappointed that I only have 1 follower- who is actually my sister :)   So, if you are reading this and like what you read I am just asking that you become my follower and you can also like my facebook.  I know I might sound a little pathetic but I just want to feel loved- okay that is a little too drama queen.  If you have any suggestions or comments- constructive but nice- please feel free to let me know how I can improve my blog.  Okay enough of me sounding like a pathetic loser- its time to celebrate my 100 hits. 


Target:Bueno brown faux rabbit mini tote