Not just for curtains

Last night I was watching a show on tv- I do not want to give the title of the show because I am ashamed to admit that I like this show.  Anyways, on the show I saw the most awesome purse and so I immediately got on the trusty internet to find it and guess what... I can not find it anywhere.  Here is a picture of the purse:
If anyone knows what brand this purse is please let me know.

During my hunt for this purse I found some other items I liked that had tassels on them. 

Zara leather sandals
$129 -

Tan satchel
$90 -

$29 -

ASOS drop earrings
$27 -

Forever21 beaded necklace
$6.80 -

House of Harlow 1960 black shades
$169 -

CONFETTISYSTEM — Tassel Garland-Multi color
$130 -

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