I hate the C word

Some people in my family call me the dreaded C word-Cheap-but I like to think of myself as financially responsible.  I hate to pay full price for things and whenever I see something in a store I always think of how I can either get it cheaper or do it myself.   In my last post regarding gold accessories I posted this picture

These gold log coffee tables reatil for $1,049- that just sounds crazy to me for a log painted gold.  So I went on a search for a cheaper option and I found this

The person actually made 5 coffee tables for I would guess maybe $50 dollars.  I know they are not gold but I highly doubt painting them gold will cost $1,000 more.

I have found so many creative people throughout my internet searches that I have realized that I am not alone in my quest. In my next couple of posts I am going to show a couple of my favorite sites.  One of my favorite sites is by a woman who finds something she likes and shows how to make it cheaper.

Ana White is not only gorgeous but she is a mastermind of carpentry.  She has a webiste called http://ana-white.com/ and it is a diyers dream.  She finds pieces of furniture that companies have for sale and she creates her own plan on how to build the items and then she posts it on her website- the kicker is she does it for free- you don't have to pay for her plans, she just asks people to post items that they have made.  I am not very familiar with power tools but she has motivated me to try.  Here are some projects that are on my MUST DO list:

Braden Entryway Hutch

My husband doesn't  know it yet but we will be building this in the summertime: