Pointing fingers

To kick off my new me transformation I tried to think of something small that I would like to start off with.  So I went on my favorite site, Pinterest, to get some inspiration and I found it!  I bet you are dying to know what it is so I will not make you wait any longer... The first thing I want to change is my fingernails.  No, I don't want to grow them out to be in the Gusinness World Record books.  I paint my fingernails maybe once a month- so they look nice for maybe a week and then the nailpolish slowly chips away and when only there is a little left I finally decide to repaint them.  Well not no more.  For now on I will be painting my nails every 2 weeks or sooner if the nail polish comes off.  Some people might say they don't notice peoples nails but I think your nails are kind of like accesories- they can complete your look.  I found some great nail art on Pinterest.


I haven't decided which one I want to do first but these are my top 3- I will post pictures once I do it.